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My name is Jenny Beorkrem and I am the designer and founder of Ork Posters. Ork Posters was born when I embarked on a search for a Chicago neighborhood map that fit my taste for good design and typography and a simple aesthetic. My hunt came up empty. Trained as a graphic designer and a DIYer at heart, I decided to design a neighborhood map for myself. I worked on it on and off for several months until I finally finished in the spring of 2007. The poster hung on my living room wall for several months before I convinced myself that it might be something other people would like too. I ordered an inaugural print run of 20 and posted them for sale on

I sold a Chicago poster here and there and started work on a website for the new neighborhood map. In early November 2007 was launched, along with a larger print run of 500 Chicago posters and the addition of a Brooklyn design. Less than a month later, primarily thanks to a post by Swiss Miss, the blog wildfire had been lit with talk about these new neighborhood posters and in response, I quickly designed and printed maps for Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston. By mid-December, friends and family were called in to take shifts fulfilling orders out of my dining room turned Ork Headquarters to meet the holiday rush. Following the successful holiday season, I was able to quit my graphic design job and “leave the man behind”. So began Ork Posters!

Ork's Design Credo: "The best for the most for the least." as Charles & Ray Eames so simply put it. Ork Posters designs products that are attractive and fill our desire to identify with the places that have impacted our lives. While building a quality product, Ork works very hard to make our business efficient and frugal to keep our prices as low as we possibly can.

Ork's Business Credo: We want to enjoy the ride. Ork is a slow growth company and we take our time to do things the right way. Generally, we're just one or two employees besides myself. When you send Ork an email, you'll hear back from me or one of my right-hand helpers, Danni or Liz (all real people!). And we keep things local too, the screen prints are printed at a few different print shops in Chicago. And the offset posters are printed at an employee-owned press that's been operating in the city since 1973.

Ork's Service Credo: Ork's challenge is not just to sell a product, it's to build a business - offer great products, provide honest service, and build a brand that people can relate to. Because we'll inevitably have more ideas and products come along in the future, and I want to make sure that Ork has a connection with YOU, so you'll be around for it - as cheesey as it may sound.

Ork's Marketing Credo: Part of the reason we've been able to keep the posters at a reasonable price is because our advertising budget is $0. We're fortunate that we make a product that hangs on your wall and advertises itself. So if you like what you see, please tell your friends and spread the word!

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