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Ork Posters seeks Be-all, Do-all Business Manager
Ork Posters seeks to hire a clone of its owner, Jenny Beorkrem. This is a 35-hr/week, salary position to start mid-August in a small, ecommerce-based business on Chicago's north side.

Maybe past experience in retail, business or office management, ecommerce, or the craft/art world has suited you for this position. Maybe none of those. Either way, you are a quick learner. You can answer the needs of customer's emails, phone calls and walk-in, real live humans with a sunny, pleasant attitude, even on rainy days. You're okay when someone tells you what to do and how to do it. You're also successful at using information at your disposal to efficiently solve problems on your own.

You take ownership of projects and are concerned about the larger goals of the business. The small business environment suits you because you want to see the results of your hard work first hand and you might want your own start-up someday. You don't mind keeping the space you work in clean and organized. You can appreciate a modern, simple aesthetic, you know the Mac OS or are willing to work in it and you can lift at least 30 lbs. Working 2-3 full weekends per year during craft fairs (and possibly one additional weekend including travel) doesn't bother you. 

Finally, you have a driver's license, a clean record (driving and criminal), and are comfortable driving around the city. If you have your own car and aren't allergic to dogs, you have a leg up. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Salary commensurate with experience.

The position will be tailored to your skill set, but following training, typically half of your time will include tasks such as:
- Filing a UPS claim for a damaged shipment
- Counting a pile of posters and securely packing it in a box
- Answering 30+ emails
- Calling a retail shop to remind them of payment due
- Managing an intern
- Formatting a spreadsheet to email customer's tracking numbers
- Noticing inventory of a product is low and notifying Jenny
- Dusting shelves
- Pick, pack and ship 10-15 poster orders

Per your skill set, the other half of your time might include:
- Setting up more efficient work processes or software
- Graphic design of various promotional materials; possibly also contributing to external design jobs
- Writing copy for the website or a blog
- Making edits to the website (html, for now), managing our site front- and back-end redesign
- Media/Blogger relations
- Press-checks of offset and silkscreen print runs, mixing ink
- Complete management of a retail shop including inventory and vendor management, investigating new products, and shop decor/space arrangement

Apply by August 8th.
No calls.

Email a concise note about yourself and carefully-crafted résumé to or mail to
Ork Posters
Attn: Randy
2003 W Montrose Ave
Chicago IL 60618

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