Form, Function and Community. Ork Posters Launches Line of Neighborhood Posters.

CHICAGO, IL - November 11, 2007. Ork Posters offers a new line of modern, typographic neighborhood posters, including the areas of Chicago, Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston. By ditching the 'vintage, illustrated' look of traditional maps, Ork designs its posters in a style characterized by originality, simplicity and modernity focusing on form more than function.

Posters, in general, are more than decorative 'wallpaper', they help one portray a part of his identity. And part of one's identity is the community in which he lives, but what defines the extent of that community? Ork's design deduces each neighborhood to a certain 'one-ness', forgetting the stereotypes and differentiations, and reminding us that we, and our areas of living, are part of one larger community. Extending this idea, Ork hopes its line of posters not only function as a map, but also expand one's sense of community beyond that of our immediate surroundings.

In an effort to put that idea into practice with Ork's own processes, the Chicago and Manhattan posters are printed on recycled paper with soy inks at a local, worker-owned press. The Brooklyn, San Francisco and Boston series are screen printed by hand at a local screen printing studio.

Ork Posters began when a Chicago graphic designer, Jenny Beorkrem, embarked on a search for a neighborhood poster that fit her taste for design, simplicity, and originality. Her hunt came up empty. Instead she designed one for herself, and the rest, as they say, is history. ###

Ork Poster Superlatives

Most neighborhoods: Chicago with 91

Most unique name: Crocker Amazon, San Francisco

Most interesting shape: Calumet Heights, Chicago

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