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London and Paris added to Ork Posters!
Ork Posters applies its signature modern, type-centric style to London neighborhood and boroughs maps and a Paris arrondissements map. Read more!

DODOcase designed by Jenny Beorkrem
Watch our introduction video!!!

DODOcase has released The Ork DODOcase for the iPad2, designed by Jenny Beorkrem designer and founder of Ork Posters. The case features an Ork-esque design that pays homage to the literary landscape of San Francisco, The design uses the names of significant contributors to SF's literary history to decorate a street map of the city's NE corner. The case comes complete with a reference key that includes a factoid of each name's connection or contribution to San Francisco. Check it out here!

FINALLY, Toronto added to Ork line-up
Our challenge (besides remembering to spell "neighbourhood" with a "u") was to parse the city that once was six cities into a manageable number of neighbourhoods. We ended up with 178 of them. If you've seen our other posters, that's over 60 more than the densest design to date. But alas, your long awaited poster has finally arrived T.O.

Read the Toronto Star article.
Read the Torontoist.com article.

Click on a photo to download for blog/press usage. Contact Jenny with any questions or for more information.
toronto toronto toronto

Orkposters.com Site Design Recognized

Julia May from Smashing Magazine included orkposters.com in her post of 35 beautiful e-commerce sites. Aw, you think we're beautiful?? Thanks!

Ork Adds Philadelphia to its line-up.
Click on a photo to download for blog/press usage. Contact Jenny with any questions or for more information.

Read about Ork and Jenny Beorkrem on Speak Up!

Jason Tselentis, designer, professor, consultant, writer and contributor to the Speak Up design blog, ever so graciously took the time to dig behind the scenes of Ork Posters and speak with it's founder, Jenny Beorkrem. Click here to read the interview posted on Speak Up/Under Consideration.

Design named Chicago International Poster Biennial Finalist!
The Chicago poster was on display last fall in Chicago's Millenium Park as part of the exhibit of finalists!

About Ork's Donations
Ork Posters Donates to River Action and HEAL Africa.

Ork's Launch Press Release
Form, Function and Community. Ork Posters Launches Line of Neighborhood Posters.

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